Camp Calabash

We're having a space jam!


This is the turn-up mix.

I call it Light Up the Dark. All engines go, kids!

This mix has songs for the couples… some sweetness and some joy.

Throughout the mix, I put in samples from well-known TV shows — see if you recognize any of them. We’re talking real bonus points. Talk to me.

Just a Couple of Love Songs

This time we’re coming with my favorite afrobeats tunes. Many of the artists are from Nigeria so I named the mixtape I’ll Take You to Lagos. Move to it. Book a flight to it. Lagos is waiting.

I made a Spotify playlist called It’s Official. Because there’s also going to be a day after the wedding, and I want to give couples some vibes for that day too. I considered a lot of songs for this one and only these 33 made the cut.